Kyoto International Academy of Japanese Language, an excellent school approved by the Association for the promotion of Japanese Language Education.
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  Welcome to Kyoto International Academy of Japanese language website!
Take classes here at KIA and learn about Japan while you are young and energetic!
Many instructors have overseas studying and/or working experience and are eagerly waiting for you!
All staff of KIA will enthusiastically assist you so that you can achieve your goal and make a significant accomplishment here in Kyoto,Japan!
Be ambitious with us!

Principal, General Manager
Name Kyoto International Academy of Japanee Language
General Manager
Nakamura Tokunori
Address 627-1, Kitamachi, 2-chome, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,602-8392
(in front of the north gate of Kitano-tenmangu shrine )
 TEL +81-(0)75-466-4881
 FAX +81-(0)75-466-4929
Couses Comprehensive Course
General Japanese Course
Study & Tour Course
Private/Group Lesson
History of Academy
Oct. 1987 Established at Gojo-Kawaramachi.
Jul. 1989 Relocated to Sanjo-Hanamikoji
Oct. 1993 Over 300 students enrolled.
Jan. 1999 Opened foreign language classes for Japanese studies.
Jul. 2001 Started partnership with DuPage College in U.S.A.
Jan. 2002 Relocated to Kitano near a shrine to the God of Study
Apr. 2002 Established Osaka Branch of KIA  
Jun. 2005  Started Special intencive 1-month course.
Oct. 2010 Started cultural exchange with NPO Kimono 
  大阪入国管理局 適正校認定証 College of DuPage 認定証銘板
The KIA (Kyoto International Academy of Japanese language) was established in 1987.
The school was given a Class A superior rating for its traditional and academic achievements by the Osaka Immigration Bureau.
It’s located in the northern part of students’ town Kyoto, which is home to many students and also a quiet residential area.
The students are from various countries in Asia and from the West who are studying Japanese
■ Support with kind care

The stuff in our office are skilled in Chinese and English language and they can give you advice anytime on many topics.
For example, how to look for lodgings, rooms, procedures regarding utilities such as water, electricity and gas and so on.
■ A Students town, KYOTO  

Kyoto is the traditional town for students from many famous private universities, such as Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Ryuukoku University and the National Universities, such as Kyoto University, Kyoto Prefectural University, and Kyoto Institute of Technology.
In recent years, the number of foreign students’ has been increasing and international exchange is active.
There are many cultural facilities for students in town such as many restaurants, and events.
It could be called the optimal place for supporting a student’s precious time in Japan.
All of teachers of KIA have the certificate of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.
Teachers with various experiencce and individuality will help students to achieve their goal.
■ Energetic Lesson

We have Basic Course Class(Conversation for beginners),an Advanced Course Class(Entrance into University), a Vacation Course Class(A vacation is used over a long period of time), etc. You will surely be able to find the class suitable for your needs.

■ Living guidance

Students of KIA will have short Class for trafic rule in Japan and emergency lifesaving at Kamigyo-Police station and Kamigyo Fire department.
We hope our students to get the knowledge to live safely in Japan.

Students will also have medical examination at Kamigyo health centre,
Teachers and staffs are always ready to help students in various matter.
Kyoto International Academy of Japanese Language 
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